Saturday, May 2, 2009


this semester we, nutrition and dietetics students, will need to go for a few field trips, from hospitals to production sites.  something different for a change. :) and last wednesday, we went to RWBH (Royal Woman Brisbane Hospital). we actually have no idea wat we're suppose to do there but i remembered from the lecture she asked us to help her out with some assessment tool.

 i thought it might be cool. but i was so wrong. so so so wrong. i thought it would be interesting..and actually it could be interesting if they conduct the assessment in a different manner, eg. less briefing, be more organized and the need to respect us...asians. i feel my lecturer is very disrespectful towards us, asians. every group has the thermometer thing yet we didn't get any. and when we finally got it, it's the most lousy one. prolly she thought that we're stupid or something, which i really abhore such ppl. dun judge ppl just by its cover k. just because we dun talk, tat doesn't mean we're mentally retarded.. hmph!

so.. basically, in that assessment, we were like their guinea pigs. we're suppose to assess their assessment tool for the meals provided by the hospital. =-= complicated? so basically we're suppose to check the temperature, taste, appearance n etc of the meal. like what do we think bout the meals. is it appropriate n such. n yes! we got to taste the food as well.. free FOOD from the hospital.. =-= lol. sounds interesting? ya.. but like i mentioned earlier, the way they conduct it is...quite.... one word..... crap!

so anywayz, pictures below... everyone wore formal that day.... except for betty.. need to get formal clothes for her.. hehe :)





going to post bout buddha fest, asap~ :)


'Ron on May 2, 2009 at 11:11 PM said...

i like your baju!!!!!!! i want i want!!

jaecywong on May 8, 2009 at 7:41 PM said...

lol veyr cheap oni leh
i think rm 30 oni +_+

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