Thursday, May 7, 2009

hiatus again wa?

hai.wat's new? going to be superbly busy for the next couple of weeks. i have 3 assignments due this month, 18th, 25th and 29th. and another major assignment due on the 5th of june and let's not forget bout the final exams! 12th 15th and 19th of june. haiz. =-=' 

i know i'm suppose to post bout the buddha fest.. gah!!! haven't upload the pics yet so.. =-= prolly this weekend... oh wait!! i got one pic +_+... 


 oo i have a debate tomorrow.. part of the debate is the longest.. crap boy. if i see someone yawning....i dun think i can continue debating.. confidence just drop like tat... think i will just run away. hahahha =-=''  

um.. so.. since there's nothing to update on.. i'll just post up a dish that i've made a few days ago.. :)



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