Friday, May 29, 2009

3 down 4 more to go...

omg. this blog has been collecting dust. LOL just finished my 3rd assignment like finally. lift up my mood a lil after handing it in.. wee.. but thinking that i have another major assignment (50%) due next friday ....HAI!!!!!!! no words to describe bout this sem =-= so crap~ nothing good happen this sem at allz. everything is bad or maybe even worse. think is my downfall period of my life. never been so down. everything from personal probs to work probs... never ending. can die. so stress~ n i gained a few kilo now. sigh* when will all these unfortunate events end? hai~

i was so stressed that i tot of talking to my mum to destress a while.. n absurdly, she complained bout her life to me instead.+_+ during the conversation, i was listening her rant and all of the sudden, she started crying. OMG. n i started crying too~~ sigh* but it's good that i finally talked to mummy and understands what is happening in the family... +_+ family got some issue as well so hai~... 

so sad la this post.+_+ 

okla going to reward myself for finishing 3 assignments edi ~ going to play my ds :)

n omgod i just saw someone call me a bitch in my chatter box!!! +_+ lol ~ thanx :D 
going to delete the chatterbox ler ~ guess nobody reads my blog anyway. maybe just some random asshole passerby which i suspect is that whore. :D lol. ya whore. i like that. 


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