Tuesday, March 31, 2009


so busy. bumped into kell today. i've not seen her for weeks. well actually i saw her yesterday, just for like 10 min. =-='' just imagine, we're studying in the same uni yet we just dun have time to actually sit down to talk. like omg. so shit. kell ly has always been telling me that i am very geng. the way i cope with my studies n work. n saying i am not fat although i eat mc donalds almost everyday. ok that was irrelevant. =-='  she was telling me how frustrated she is with studies. assignments keep pilling up and mid terms exams are next week. i patted on her back n said, " welcome to my world, kell ly" and sighed. i even introduced her to V, the energy drink. telling her that V is her best friend during periods of assignments and exams. lol. 

my life has been very tragic lately. my mind seems to drift away, far away from reality. been thinking bout something a lot. prolly i think too much. why am i thinking so many unnecessary things? no wonder sarah tagged me as the "very panicky one" in the facebook wallpost. which is true. i always panic for stupid reasons. and have i mentioned before that the word "cheeseburger" has been spinning in my head like a broken record?? it's been nearly 4 weeks now! n no!! i don't have the crave to eat CHEESEBURGER. there were times that i nearly utter the word cheeseburger in a few conversations with my friends. it's just that plain weird. i think i m really a weirdo. i can't believe i'm typing this for the world to c.. just how psycho i can be. =-=.. must be the V drink i had a few minutes ago. yes. V drink is good. make u hyper n cuckoo at the same time. :)

okay then. enough blabbing. going to relax my mind, soul and body for a while. heart racing like as if i'm going to have a heart attack! CHOI! lol *touch wood*. :) haha..=-=' 

posts without pics are boring. gonna end this post with one pic that i took in cairns. i bought a banana gelati.not nice at allz. =-=



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this is Cairns




lol so forest like huh? 

not that terrible la...

but it;s damn hot and sunny. no wind at allz. =-=''

worse than msia...

Monday, March 23, 2009

busy atm


guess where's this?


will blog about Cairns asap.

very busy with assignments at the moment :)

what i got from Cairns.


it's fake-laaaaaaaa


Thursday, March 19, 2009

freaking crazy semester

it's like week 4 of the semester, n it's literally killing me.. for the past few days, i actually had the feeling... the feeling to shoot myself in my head,,. bang*. lol. rite.. y am i laughing? gosh! am i turning to into psycho chic? lol. sigh. i laughed n i sighed... going insane.  this is ridiculous. the workload for this semester is way too overwhelming and i can't seem to finish everything on time. it's that hectic. absurd. totally absurd. need to get myself a diary. wait. that cost money. speaking of which, i only have a few dollars left. damn. i really hate being in this situation where i need juggle both work n study. it's just so frustrating. SIGH!  i just can't wait to for my mini getaway to Cairns this weekend. thank gawd. but disaster awaits after the weekends. sigh. but at least i get to rest my head for while. woot woot* +_+ y do i sound so unhappy? sigh*


i need to remind myself the happy things that i did in brissie too.. 

look how happy  n "prosperous"  i was before knowing bout the gazilion of assignments to work on ..


it's a gurl inside the box!!!

n just a short note to my sis...


I LOVE U!!!!!!

*hug hug*


Monday, March 16, 2009

Dearest Sarah,


                       Get well soon :) *hugs*

                            missed our shopping sessions. sigh*
                         n no one bullies my penyu lol

Friday, March 13, 2009


still working on it. as u can see, the posting area is a lil small. need to make it a lil bigger. i love it huge. i hope it's ready by the end of this month. lol. sorry guys, this sem is a mess, too many things to do, too little time to do em. oh btw, i'm going Cairns next weekend! can't wait :D

a pic i took weeks ago, just in case u forgot how i look like. +_+


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