Monday, May 18, 2009

disappearance act~

haih. omg. didn't update my blog for such a long time already. not surprising lo.. cos like i mentioned in my previous post or the one before that, LOL, i have 4 assignments and 3 exams before my holidays on the 20th of june~ hurray!!! :D:D 

today is the 1st assignment that i hand up, so yeap, 1 down 3 more assignments to go!! can't wait to finish all of em off asap~ i hate assignments T_T

oo btw, just got to know a few days ago that my clincal placement is early jan next year.. hence.. i think i wont be going back end of this year.. cos i need to stay back to work to get some $$ for my placements.... cos i might be going to somewhere rural in Queensland for about 13 weeks.. if i damn sueh la....but  sounds damn fun right??!?wee~~~

haih ~ but the downside is that i will need to pay for the stay and other expenses myself. ., but really ...~ i'm really looking forward to it. but money issues... sigh. i dun think my father will be happy bout it T_T. haven't tell him yet cos i think i might be able to manage it myself.. i hope. finger crossed*

obsessed with master chef australia :) so awesome. i think i should really learn how to cook. really hate eating mc d already . +_+ okla so random

another random thing.. currently a huge fan of lady gaga with her latest songs " starstruck" and 
"love game" :D so nice okay.. ooo n i just downloaded  the Jai Ho song by pussycat dolls n some indian guy. i like!! +_+  wasn't expecting tat.. hesitated to download that song for weeks.. but after seeing it in the top ten charts. i figured it should be nice :P 

oo n one more thing, been watching a lot of movies lately, every sunday is movie watching day :) i've watched wolverine, star trek and yesterday, angels&demons~~~~~ omg ewan is soOOooo CUTE!! LOL i think if it wasn't for ewan, i dun think i will enjoy the movie that much :P

okla i go watch master chef now ~ tata~ +_+ 


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