Monday, June 15, 2009


extremely happy today. i think this is the only day of this semester that i'm this extremely happy. why? lol. i think i did pretty well for my stats exams!!!!!!!!! :) i'm hoping to get hd for this. :)

.everything just goes so smoothly today. :) went to west end to have vietnamese food with cindy, which is awesome :) miss the beef noodle soup in malacca,.. oh ODEON!! nice :) 

 anywayz, we had so many random topics during our conversation from masterchef australia to wat are our plans during the hols~ wee!! looking forward for the hols!! finishing exam this friday!!! can't wait! really!!! :D:D

n oo, tomorrow kfc is giving out free burgers at approximately 12pm!! :P so exciting. =-= so weird. but i like free stuffs so yeah. i'm sooo gonna get em!! :)

n um, i just got myself a bag :) which is very pretty~ quite pricey but i think it's worth cos my old bag, the one ivy bought for me is not usable already, some parts broken broken edi. T_T but i like tat bag so much. i think used it for almost everyday for the past 1 year and a half.  T_T the new bag has the similar size to the one vivi bought for me. nah here's the pic :)


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