Saturday, April 25, 2009

woohoo!! it's Sunday~~

my fave day of the week!! SUNDAY!!!!!!! :)

why? it's the only day i can relax. :( worse than working har?

i have classes almost every weekdays due to the field trips and i have work every Friday and Saturday. hence, i am only free on sunday!!+_+ but am happy yesterday, cos it was anzac day, which means PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!! :) and i earned 200 dollars for working 5 hours that nite. :)

i'm telling myself that i will relax every sunday, like today, i will be going to south bank later to catch the "17 again" movie . not a fan of zac efron but the trailer looks quite interesting. :) and oh i sort of like matthew perry too :)

and next sunday, i will be going to the Buddha Fest to have a vegetarian feast and going to watch the fireworks display at nite. i hope my friends can come along too. they need to destress as well. :) need to ask em tomorrow!! :P:P


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