Friday, April 3, 2009

what an extraordinary day

wanted to blog about this yesterday, but was extremely exhausted from work. sigh* hate work but need money. money money money!! $$$. 

back to my main topic, yesterday something extraordinary happened to me. it was fated i guess. lol . ok it started like this : 

Ubi and i were very bloated from having Mc donald's for lunch. so we decided to walk to Coles to do some grocery shopping. or just linger around the Newmarket area to burn some calories. it's all carol's fault! she gave us 2 large fries when we only asked for 1 medium fries +_+. 

so anywayz, while we were strolling down the lane just next to the main busy roads, two cute beagles ran towards us. so remarkable cute to the max!!!! one with red collar and another with blue collar. i already expected the one with the red collar is a female as she's very fat compared to the other. and my guess was right!! her name was cheryl.!!!  :) didn't know wat's the other dog name cos there wasn't any name writtien on his collar tag. sigh*

have never seen the doggies around this area before. n they obviously don't look like stray dogs cos they are very well- groomed n fed... especially cheryl LOL. so we looked around  to find their owner. surprisingly, there was no one. i tot well, maybe the dogs were very well trained, like my sis's dogs, very independent, doesn't need his/her  owner to bring them for walks as they were trained  to avoid from walking on busy roads, and return home safely when it's time.  So we continued walking to coles, while having both doggies walking with us, in front of us. so adorable. sniffing around their surroundings, finding for the right spot to poo and pee. =-=''

as we continued walking, an old lady passed our way and asked " are they your dogs?" while patting on the doggies. we told her that they weren't ours and pointed to her the place where we found em. she looked at their collars and told us that the collar tags have their address and phone numbers written on it. however, 3 of us didn't brought our hp along and we were clueless of wat to do. 

while we were contemplating of wat to do, the two doggies rushed into the main roads, and nearly god themselves killed!! thank god, the drivers in brissie were very considerate and understanding. they just waved at us and said " be careful next time". ubi and i got hold of the dogs by grabbing tightly to their collars. it can't be helped, they were so active. and not to mention, pretty heavy. wasn't able to carry them at allz. 

after the incident, i couldn't bear to let them wandering around the busy road, and decided to bring them home. the old lady was very kind, and told us that she will lead the way. so off we went. but there was a problem.. how on earth are we going to make the doggies follow us? we couldn't carry them. hence, we had to bend our backs forward to at least 150 degrees, grab on to their collars and RuN with them. YES RUN!! super active doggies!! at times, i couldn't grab on to cheryl, and she kept running to other ppl's houses. i have no idea why.. 

a few streets later, we were pretty tired, with sweats prominently showing on our foreheads. LOL. luckily,we saw 2 guys walking around the area, and we asked if they could borrow us their phones so that we could contact their owners. surprisingly, one of the guy told us that he has seen those doggies wandering his area before as well. and even complained to the owner. and told us that the owner doesn't give a shit about it. :( while we were having this conversation, the doggies ran into another person's house. =-= no idea wat r they doing. but i knew they were familiar with the surroundings. the guy told us we should let the doggies be and would waste our time talking to the owner. the old lady too, told us we should go home as well, as the doggies weren't really happy with us grabbing their collars so tightly. sort of restricting their movements. and said that they should know how to go home from here. it wasn't far. 

we pondered for a while..looking around the quiet house area and  it's quite far from the busy roads. also, ubi has class in an hour time, while i have work later that evening. so we decided to leave them there. we hope that they know how to go home from there. :) 

finally.. before we left, i turned behind and saw them running towards the street where their house is located. :) 


wat a day

* but actually, if i were alone in this situation, i would have definitely talk to the owners.. cos the doggies nearly got themselves killed. i just don't want to trouble the old lady and ubi. they seem to be lethargic. sigh*


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