Thursday, April 2, 2009

feelin lazy

have a minor quiz  tomorrow n yet i'm feelin lazy. prolly cos i have tips for the quiz. lol. but hey, still need to study wat! =-=''

 the weather is making me lazy. blame it on the weather. sigh* rained throughout the day.  wait. i think it's still raining. yeap. it is. wat's with the weather man. it's been months since it last rained. and when it does, it rains like cats and dogs for the entire day. =-=' sheesh. 

i like the rain actually. but not when i'm outside. i like it when i'm on my bed, being wrapped in my comforter, like a sushi roll. :) didn't get to sleep at allz today since my housemates were super noisy. playing football in the house. wtf? 

this post is so random. =-=' i'm just bored from studying. okie. toodles!


oh btw,

can't wait for next week :)


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