Thursday, March 19, 2009

freaking crazy semester

it's like week 4 of the semester, n it's literally killing me.. for the past few days, i actually had the feeling... the feeling to shoot myself in my head,,. bang*. lol. rite.. y am i laughing? gosh! am i turning to into psycho chic? lol. sigh. i laughed n i sighed... going insane.  this is ridiculous. the workload for this semester is way too overwhelming and i can't seem to finish everything on time. it's that hectic. absurd. totally absurd. need to get myself a diary. wait. that cost money. speaking of which, i only have a few dollars left. damn. i really hate being in this situation where i need juggle both work n study. it's just so frustrating. SIGH!  i just can't wait to for my mini getaway to Cairns this weekend. thank gawd. but disaster awaits after the weekends. sigh. but at least i get to rest my head for while. woot woot* +_+ y do i sound so unhappy? sigh*


i need to remind myself the happy things that i did in brissie too.. 

look how happy  n "prosperous"  i was before knowing bout the gazilion of assignments to work on ..


it's a gurl inside the box!!!

n just a short note to my sis...


I LOVE U!!!!!!

*hug hug*



fiona tay said...

LURV LURV your layout! and nice picture too! haha..

love the ribbon below the post.. CUTE!

cherish on March 19, 2009 at 6:23 AM said...

heyyy jaecy

try to keep sane...not insane la don't worry u have us to help u out yeh??? so everything will work out all good ^.^

see u tmr xoOoXx

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